FAQ: Fences

This is in no way meant to be a complete list nor a verification of accuracy. Owner must verify details with the City of Sammamish as well as the HOA.

A property line survey is required if adjacent to Common Property (such as the trail).  On lines common with a neighboring property, best to involve the neighbor, to both on the same page. If building a fence without your neighbor’s involvement, place it on your side of the property line with the “good” side out to avoid any conflicts. Confirm property corners, with a survey if necessary. Sometimes, when the wood stake is gone, a steel pin may be buried under some topsoil.

Max height 6ft.

No fencing forward of the front corner of the house. On corner lots we try to avoid fences along streetside property lines; those that are currently present as such will be considered grandfathered in. Fences along the street tend to destroy the community character of a neighborhood, unless it is along a major arterial, such as 228th.