Application: TREE REMOVAL

Please review the Guidelines & FAQs for Tree & Srub Removal before submitting this form, and remember it may take up to 2 weeks to complete the review.  Thank you.

Form instructions:

  1. Please tie a ribbon or flag to the tree that is slated for application for removal.
  2. Fill out the application for HH and review the City of Sammamish Permitting process and approval (see this link).
  3. A copy of your permit is required for this application (if needed).
  4. Submit your HH HOA Tree Removal Application to the HH Architectural Chair.
  5. Allow for a 2-week planning window for the HH Architectural Chair to review your application.
  6. After approval in writing/email from Architectural Chair, you may have the tree company/certified arborist come and remove the approved tree(s) and all stumps/exposed roots.

  • Heritage Hills requires the removal of the stump(s) and exposed root structure of trees to be removed.
  • Committee members set specific times/dates aside in our schedule to review applications for HH.

Safety Notes: Please review the removal company’s insurance liability and review their safety record/BBB record for your protection. Also, never leave your residence when tree limbs/trees are being removed unless the company personnel advise you it is safe from falling debris.