Violation Enforcement Policy

Article Eight & Eleven of the CC&Rs requires the Board to establish penalties for violation, which can become liens on the property if not paid in a timely manner.  The following is a partial list of the penalties:

Landscape Maintenance Violation $25.00 per week/ violation
Architectural Violation $50.00 per week/continued violation after 30 days
Trash Cans $25.00 per week
Feeding Nuisance Wildlife (Raccoons, Crows,
Deer, etc.)
$250 per incident
Tree Removal without Permission $800 per tree
Walking dog without leash or not picking up after
$25.00 per infraction
Architectural Chair Application
Violation (An Email / Application must be sent to the
Architectural Chair and approved before any
architectural improvements can be made. If the
email is not sent and approved prior to
commencement of the work, fines can be
imposed from the day work began, after the
appropriate notice and review.)
$100.00 per week
All Fences or structures bordering community
property require a survey if the corner markers
aren’t visible. Any fence or structure between
properties requires a survey unless both owners
are in agreement on the placement of fence or
A survey will be performed and
charged to the building
homeowner with an additional
$200 fine and any misplaced
fence will be removed at the
owner’s expense.

This above list is not complete or comprehensive. All other violations not listed or
specified above will result in reasonable fines up to $300.00 per week. All fines are due
immediately and will have the same late fees as the dues.

The Board may impose a continuing monetary penalty, assessed on a weekly basis,
without additional notice or review, until the infraction or violation has been remedied.
A continuing violation is a violation of an ongoing nature which has not been corrected.

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