Guidelines & FAQs: FENCES

Traditionally, homes in Heritage Hills have 6 feet tall cedar fences on the side and back yards, sometimes with clear or natural stain.  Pressure-treated posts are also acceptable.  Alternate materials may also be acceptable to provide a more open look, although vinyl will not be accepted.

A property line survey is required if adjacent to Common Property (such as the trail).  On lines common with a neighboring property, it is best to involve the neighbor, to ensure both are on the same page. If building a fence without your neighbor’s involvement, place it on your side of the property line with the “good” side out to avoid any conflicts. Confirm property corners, with a survey if necessary. Sometimes, when the wood stake is gone, a steel pin may be buried under some topsoil.

No fencing forward of the front corner of the house. On corner lots we try to avoid fences along streetside property lines; those that are currently present as such will be considered grandfathered in. Fences along the street tend to destroy the community character of a neighborhood, unless it is along a major arterial, such as 228th.

This is in no way meant to be a complete list nor a verification of accuracy. Owner must verify details with the City of Sammamish as well as the HHHOA and submit for approval from the Architectural Chair.