Your Role in Heritage Hills

You Have Joined An Association

The Heritage Hills Homeowners Association is a nonprofit corporation chartered to maintain the common grounds of Heritage Hills (park, pool, courts, entrances, and cul-de-sac islands), ensure the properties themselves are well maintained throughout the neighborhood, and keep the shareholders of the Association informed of Association activities (via emails, Facebook, the HHHOA web site, newsletters and scheduled meetings). Each homeowner is a mandatory shareholder in the Association, with a total of 259 shareholders. The Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of 5 members, elected annually from and by the shareholders. Additionally, the Association hires an on-site Property Manager, landscaping company, maintenance people, and a Bookkeeper.  It also sponsors several additional volunteers for various functions, including the Architectural Chair.

You Are Now an Owner in a Unique Neighborhood

Heritage Hills is a beautiful neighborhood, providing for variety and individuality in our homes, all tied together with a consistency of looks, unique features and amenities (like sidewalks and our park and pools). We all benefit from this and it helps maintain/grow our property values.  But particularly as our neighborhood matures, this takes effort from all residents to maintain. 

You Have Agreed to the Standards Set to Maintain the Value of That Neighborhood

To maintain the high standards of our neighborhood, the Association operates under a recorded set of bylaws and covenants (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, or CC&Rs).  The purpose of these CC&Rs is to protect and enhance the value, desirability and attractiveness of each property and of our neighborhood. Each shareholder should have received a copy of these with their escrow closing documents (or an electronic link there to).  Each homeowner agreed to these CC&Rs in purchasing their home, is bound by them, and it is their responsibility to know and abide by them.  This includes getting approval from the Architectural Chair before making any changes to their residence or property. A copy and summaries of the full CC&Rs are available elsewhere in this HHHOA web site.  It is the job of the Heritage Hills Homeowners Association Board and the Architectural Chair to interpret the CC&Rs and to apply them to the Heritage Hills community.

You Also Help with Relatively Modest Expenses

The expenses of the Association are covered by the shareholders common assessment, billed quarterly in advance. The current assessment is $36 per month. The Board can change that, or occasionally add an assessment to cover one-time expenses. 

And You Can Help with the Management of the Neighborhood

The Board of Directors meets monthly and hosts the Association Annual Meeting each fall. Residents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings, although advance notice to any Board member or the Property Manager is requested due to space limitations.  To hold down the cost of managing the Association and to promote community involvement, several volunteer committees are organized to perform some Association functions. If a resident is interested in volunteering for any of the Association activities, their involvement in one of the committees is encouraged.  You can also run in the annual election to become a member of the Board.