The following guideline applies to trees located on the individual homeowner's property. See comments below for trees on the Association's common grounds.  Note also that the City of Sammamish has its own regulations for tree removal; it is the homeowner’s responsibility to meet their requirements.

  1. Residents wishing to remove a tree that is greater than 6 inches in diameter at chest height must submit a letter to the Architectural Chair thirty days prior to the proposed tree removal. As shown on the HHHOA web site, the letter must:
    1. Describe the reason for the proposed tree removal.
    2. Include a Plot Plan or description that clearly shows existing trees and those proposed for removal. The Plan should provide for replacement of trees with other suitable tree Plantings. Reasons should be provided if replacement Planting is not feasible.
  2. Following the approval from the Architectural Chair, the homeowner should get information regarding tree removal and the City of Sammamish if required.
    1. Visit the City of Sammamish website at:
  3. After the permits are issued, the Architectural Chair will work with the resident to implement acceptable landscaping plans.
  4. The stump and visible roots of any removed tree must also be removed, unless an exception is granted.

For trees on the Association’s common grounds, please contact the Property Manager.

 I would like to remove a tree on my lot. What is the process and requirements?

Please contact the Architecture Chair using the Application Form to the right in this website. The Architectural Chair will connect with you and inspect the tree(s) you would like removed.  Items reviewed: The reason(s) for removal? Is the tree deciduous? Is it healthy? Has an arborist reviewed the tree(s) health? Where is it located? Width of tree(s) and have you obtained the necessary Sammamish permit? The permit number is recorded by the HOA.

The process may take up to 2 weeks; owners should not schedule any tree work until final approval from the Architectural Chair. Please also review the City of Sammamish’s permitting info: 

I am removing some shrubs in my yard. They are quite overgrown and large, and some new landscaping may also be required. Do I need approval for this?

Large landscaping projects need to be approved by Architectural Chair, including review of drainage ramifications. Grading may also need permitting. See City of Sammamish.

I got a reminder notice to trim up my bushes, tree limbs, or hedge off of the sidewalk. Why?

This may reflect an “unsightly condition” per the CC&R’s, and may be a safety issue as well. All pedestrians have the right of way and sidewalks should be clear of debris and not be blocked from use. Residents should not have to walk in the street to avoid vegetation on a resident’s property.  Per the CC&Rs, this is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain.